Should you wish to make a donation to Long Dogs WA in support of Dachshund Rescue Australia, Chilli fund and our other special fundraising efforts for special WA cases please click the links below.  By purchasing items from the online store, you are supporting WA dachshunds in need.

If you order through Long Dogs WA, you can choose for the profits to go to either to the Chilli fund or DRA. The Chilli fund is our own account and funds raised go towards helping really sick or injured WA dachshunds and stays within our LDWA community in WA. Dachshund Rescue Australia (DRA) is Australia wide and they help rehome dachshunds in need. 

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$ Donation Gift Certificates

$ Donation Gift Certificates

Looking for a gift for someone you love, someone you know cares for dogs or someone who is a little ..


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