People often ask us for recommendations on where to get a dachshund. 

Long Dogs WA is a social walking group for dachshund owners in Western Australia. We do not represent any specific breeders. We urge anyone thinking of getting a dachshund to read the following guidelines on responsible breeders.

Responsible breeders - A responsible breeder will recognise that today’s society puts a large expectation on the role that a dog plays in our lives today. There is a high priority on the well being of the breeding of dogs both socially and physically. 

When you are purchasing a pup, you are taking on the responsibility for that dog for approximately 10-15 years.   It is therefore important you do your homework and ask the right questions. 

By doing your research, you will help to support ethical and responsible breeding for a healthier future generation of the breed and have a happy, healthy new family member.

A responsible breeder will:

  • Undertake the responsibility of ensuring that they (the breeder) produce puppies that are healthy and have a good temperament (including relevant vaccinations and m/chip work).
  • Make certain they have safe and caring homes waiting for them.
  • Do careful research and have knowledge with mating, genetic research, disease control and understanding issues with the particular breed.
  • Put in place good whelping and kennel management and ensure the pups are well socialised and in a loving and caring environment and allow you to view the mother and living environment. 
  • Have a limited number of litters a bitch can produce in a year.
  • Not sell to pet shops.
  • Has a minimum age that puppies are to be before selling to a new home (8 weeks is the minimum but some breeders insist on 12 weeks to ensure the pup is socialised).
  • Will have an in-depth knowledge of their dogs and breed standard
  • Discuss with you the breed's suitability for your situation
  • 'Vet' you as a suitable home, to ensure you are fully aware of your responsibilities
  • Will take back an adult dog if your circumstances change.

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